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The Rock and the Hard Place

The Rock and the Hard Place (0)

Provoking discussion on legal and psychological issues in missions — by Dr. Brent Lindquist of Link Care Center and Theresa Lynn Sidebotham, Esq. of Telios Law PLLC (Disclamer: not official legal or psychological advice or opinion)

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Overview (10)

Foundations for this blog on "the Rock" and "the hard places"

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Employment (20)

Screening, hiring, and supervising for missionary job descriptions

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Member Care

Member Care (23)

Law & psychology in caring for missionaries and missionary families

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Child Protection

Child Protection (13)

Screening, training, reporting, investigating, and recovering

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Crisis Management

Crisis Management (4)

Anticipating, responding to, and recovering from existential threats

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Policies (20)

Standards and procedures for security, privacy, supervision, & more

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