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Red Sky at Morning: Prepare Your Organizational Ship

red sails at morning sailors take warning

Ministries today are increasingly attacked. They are more vulnerable now than ever. Storms of shifting politics and hidden reefs of legal issues can rip the hull of your operation. Your ministry or non-profit could run aground if you’re not prepared. As with the Italian cruise ship on its side earlier this year, an unforeseen disaster can compromise your ministry’s safety and your legal rights with lasting consequences. Even worse, you might never see it coming until it’s too late. How much better to acknowledge that the waters for ministry are trickier and potentially more dangerous than in the past? This seminar conducted on October 25, 2012 helped ministries prepare for avoiding the most crippling scenarios they’re likely to face.

It was a packed evening and a packed room. 

Presentations were:

  • Setting Sail: Ensuring that Your Board Members are More than Stowaways (by Dr. Sid Web) - CEOs often complain that their board members are not engaged enough. What are board members actually supposed to do? What’s the right level of engagement? How can they help you avoid disaster while also helping you to “provision” and guide the ship?
  • Charting the Reefs: Identifying and Avoiding Legal and Financial Threats to Your Ministry’s Future (by Theresa Sidebotham) - Being unprepared can lead to legal and financial tangles more complicated than you can imagine. Current issues facing organizations include threats to religious liberties, and child protection challenges.
  • Checking the Life Boat: Preparing to Keep Afloat When Your Ship Takes a Direct Hit (by Tim Garrett) - Church violence and physical security… it could never happen at my church. Shocking as it may seem, this kind of incident happens several times each year at churches across the country. Because places of worship are open to the public, churches have become more vulnerable to these senseless acts of violence and destruction. Are you physically prepared to protect people? Will your policy protect the ministry if you are hit?
  • Keeping the Predatory Pirates at Bay: How to Deal with the News Media When They Want You to Walk the Plank (by Neal Browne) -Your ministry has just had an unfortunate incident, or a juicy ethical or moral breach. The reporters smell blood in the water and are showing their teeth. The cameras are looming and they want to see you swing from the yardarm. Certainly not every encounter will be unfriendly or vicious, but what if things turn ugly and you have to answer. Learn what to do and (just as importantly) what NEVER to do. How to confidently prepare your messaging, soundbites, and strategy beforehand so you’re not forced to commune with Davy Jones.

Presenters were:

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